Don’t You Just Love Days When…

Your biggest dilemmas are:

Sandwich or croissant? 🍞🍭

Coffee or tea? ☕️🍵Breakfast is my favorite meal. Everything just seems a little bit better when I’ve had a hearty start to my day. I feel like I can conquer the world! Lol. I actually got the dark cherry croissant and coffee while the rest of my family got sandwiches. We know someone’s got a sweet tooth. LOL. 

What’s your gastronomic poison of choice — a sandwich or a croissant? Coffee or tea? Or maybe it’s an entirely different thing! In any case, have a wonderful day today! 🙂



A burger kind of night

Had a quick light (?) dinner with my favorite people tonight at fatcow in Robinson’s Galleria Cebu. This is their third branch I believe (first and second at Banilad Town Center and Acacia Place). Fatcow has a lot of flavors to choose from — barbeque, chili, mushroom, wasabi, just to name a few. But we were feeling very classic tonight and just got the good ole faithful bacon cheeseburger. And since we’re so clingy, of course we all ordered the same thing! LOL 😂Then some brownie a la mode for dessert. The brownie part was very chewy, and the vanilla ice cream was just the right amount of sweet. Doesn’t seem like much, but we were so full after. And probably gained some calories too. Haha!

‘Til next time! Moooo!I mean burp! 


Should I stay or should I go?

Can we please talk about..


Okay, I’m a little late in joining the bandwagon. Just started watching Stranger Things the other day. Just finished the fourth episode, and it’s safe to say that I’m hooked. Lol.

If you’re a fan of small town suspense and unknown crazy things, then I really recommend this show. I won’t say too much cause I don’t want to spoil anyone, but each episode makes you wonder more and more about what’s really happening and you just can’t stop watching! And of course there’s the occasional heart racing and shocking moments that make you jump up from your seat a little. Well, from the bed in my case. Haha. And did I mention it’s set in like the 90’s ish era? I love it so much — the fashion, the music, the filter? I mean the filter the whole show has that just makes you feel like you’ve been transported to that exact time and it’s just really cool. Lol.

And this song too.

Stranger Things fans can relate! Lolz.

Have you seen this show? Any crazy theories? I’m dying to know what happens! Got 5 more hours to go! The suspense is killing me! 😬😬😬


Cuartó, a room

Had late lunch with my BFF today at Toast, a little restaurant in Cuartó hotel. Funny, Cuartó has been around the block for a while now, but I’ve never actually been there. Never gave it a thought too. But then again, I live here. Lol. 

Cuartó, Cebuano (perhaps of Spanish origin too) for “room”, is a little quaint hotel right in the middle of my city, Cebu City. It’s just a short distance from everywhere you want to go here. It’s perfect for tourists and travelers cause they have good rooms with reasonable prices. And the food is good too. 👌🏼 Definitely consider this if you’re looking for a good place to stay in Cebu City. 

Love the placemat design!

The food was great! We were so full after! But we forgot we ordered dessert! The oreo coating was a bit too thick for our liking, but it was still really good. And that vanilla ice cream and chocolate caramel sauce makes for the perfect pairing (or is it tripling cause it’s 3 things now? Haha). 

And now, let’s have a Toast! 🍻


Paris, blanc et noir

Last week, my family went on a little trip to Macau — the Vegas of China if you will. 

We visited The Parisian, the newest hotel on the Macau Strip, and it was pretty cool. It’s funny how you enter those entrance doors and you feel like you’ve been transported to another world. Really crazy. My favorite part was the lobby cause it was so grand and beautiful.

And of course, there was a casino. Only peeked inside because I don’t really know how to play anything. Lol. Got so excited too, and pulled out my phone to take a Snapchat, and then a big bouncer guard went to me and made me delete everything. That was actually scary. Thought I was in real trouble. Oops. I’ll remember to keep my phone in casinos next time. :))

Here are some shots I took while being a Parisian.